i was lucky too

November 15, 2010 at 8:39 pm

well if you can call a dx of cidp lucky. in april of this year i went to my GP with weakness and pins and needles. She suspectied GBS and sent me to an er that day. in the er basic exam they discounted GBS because i still had reflexes. a couple weeks later i went back to the er ,,, even weaker , they called a neuro to come see me , he examed me suspected GBS , sent me for a nerve conduction test , lumbar puncture. i was than admitted to the hospital for a 5 day treatment of ivig. i have since relapsed 2 more times and the dx was changed to cidp. im now on 100g of ivig every 2 weeks. and they have started chemo.

so i suppose i an lucky to be being treated so quickly in comparison to some of the other people on our forum.