I was, given a choice between the three…steroids, IVIG or PP

April 12, 2010 at 8:33 pm

Before I decided, I researched all I could find about all three. Steroids were the least option due to other medical issues. The PP wasn’t always covered by my insurance plan in my region, yet–The IVIG truly seemed the least invasive of the three choices w/the least long term s/e’s overall. Tho it still had to be carefully done? The risks were far less overall for ME in the long term. And, that has been the correct choice for ME as a result.
First options considerations? Safety Side Effects Costs vs. results -then insurance?
Second options considerations? Same as above
Third? Same as the first two.
For some, IVIG is a ‘temporary’ treatment.. I knew from the get go that for me it could mean a life time treatment. As long as any treatment is done safely with all sterile procedures in place? It can work a long time. Once you hit 64? Tho? Who knows… especially since ins. cos. are changing future policies daily.
I know that IF I DON’T get the IG? I’m not gonna walk! Walking is very useful? Not to mention other uses.. Rite now my fingers are dead so I’m gonna sign off. Till later folks – Hope always