I was first diagnosed w/CIDP…18 months later

June 8, 2011 at 9:48 pm

w/Cancer. The docs I spoke with were unaware about CIDP, or IVIG or neuopathies in general other than some chemos could cause it. End of their knowledge and discussions. Essentially they felt nothing could be done for such neuropathies.
I have encountered many other cancer patients who suffer as you do. It’s almost ironic that my ‘neuropathy’ later determined to be CIDP preceded my actual cancer detection and diagnosis by that 18 months.
I was never tested for cancers during my CIDP diagnosis. Not one cancer physician thought of it, even tho I’ve a well-documented family history of many different cancers. Ultimately? The cancer was ‘found’ 18 months after my CIDP onset.. The cancer could have been present and not detectable for 5-7 years prior to it’s being found. I’ll suppose in a way? That, getting the CIDP diagnosed and treated before the cancer was ‘found’ is a blessing in many ways. Had the CIDP presented itself after cancer diagnosis? I too could be ‘written off’ with a mere PN. By the way-it’s called ‘paraneoplastic cancers’ and ‘paraneoplastic neuropathies’. Good treatments and good supplementations can help you and your system get back in a balance and help you heal to a degree. Just be aware that nerve regrowth is a very sloow process. Good luck and bless you for your long road ahead? I’m almost done with mine? Five years out sooon! WHEW!
Yeuhan – Thanks for that link! You amaze me with your energy and curiousity!
I’ll check it out!
I for one? Am just grateful that I can get outta bed and around modestly on my own steam! You have to do it or lose the ability to do so. Hugs all!