I was diagnosed with GBS at 17.

October 18, 2010 at 9:39 pm

[FONT=”Franklin Gothic Medium”] Hello everybody, im new to this. I was diagnosed with GBS when i was 17 years old. im now 22 and though i have gotten much better over the years, im still recovering and not yet able to walk on my own. My doctor put me on IVIG treatments for a year. I would go for 1 week per month.
I started out with tingling and calf cramping then ended up bed ridden, not even able to dress, feed or bathe myself. the numbness in my finger tips and from the ankles down has not stopped.
The only things i was perscribed was a pain killer, sleep aid, anti depressant and an appetite inducer because i had lost 40lbs. i was reading through these blogs and i see that many of you are recieving the same medications. what are they for?? has anyone tried Gilenya? im going to request it on friday at my next dr. appt. its new to the market so ill feel like a lab rat but whatever works… its been 5 years!!!
I still feel that i may never fully recover. its terrifying but its out of my hands. Im doing everything i can to try and be normal though such as getting married, driving, doing online college courses and we’ve planned to have a baby within the next 2 years… etc. my goal is to keep working my ass off and hopefully my body will wake up. keep your fingers crossed. [/FONT]