I vote Yipppeeee for the oxygen bar!

March 28, 2010 at 9:35 pm

I would jump at the chance to use an oxygen bar or hyperbaric chamber. A former friend’s dad had gangrene in his feet and I suggested five grams of vitamin C. It brought him out of his stupor and stopped the progression of the diabetic neuropathy…yet I do not hear of doctors using this. When I moved to Florida, she stopped giving it to him, because she felt she was going against God’s will. Needless to say, the feet got worse and they had to amputate….and he died a year or so later…after several other amputations. A simple remedy that she refused to use…..God’s will. I even had her check with his doctor to make sure the “C” would not interfere with any of his other medications. It wouldn’t. But this same “Friend” dropped me as a friend when I got GBS…..she said she could’t help me at that time….uhhhhh welll when WOULD be a good time????
Wouldn’t the oxygen bar be like exercising – an increase level of Oxygen – only you don’t wear out your sneakers or your knees???