I’ve Got That

September 17, 2010 at 12:23 am

Hi, Nolan,

Since my M/F experience in 2000, I’ve encountered similar symptoms. It’s as though my entire body’s energy quotient was taken down a serious notch, and has been with me since to this day. After a year or so, I didn’t think much about it, but nevertheless it persisted. I take Vitamin B as Alma mentioned, and it seems to help. I simply tire easily, no matter what the activity. The feeling translated much like how you describe … almost that flu-like weakness that comes over your entire body when an infection comes on. I now know my limitations, and know that it’s a post-GBS thing, as my doctor describes it. You’re not dreamin’, Nolan, it’s a bona fide residual of M/F, in my humble opinion.

Prayers your way,