I’ve found a web site that ‘sort of explains’ things?

July 23, 2010 at 7:46 pm

But take into consideration that it deals with diabetic neuropathies. The site also deals with autonomic neuropathies-It’s not easy to get to? But very worth the while!
If you are at the main screen? Go to ‘Diabetes in Skin Disease’ and click on there….Be very SURE to read the intro and abstract before going to click on any particulars… While you mite not have diabetes? The way the nerves are damaged works pretty-much the same. Therefore? You must care for your SKIN as IF it’s diabetic. [BTW? I’ve no hint of diabetes, yet-knock wood quickly, please?] It was eye-opening for me, but also sort of confirmed what I was ‘feeling’ or, ‘not-feeling’? Some of the pics are NOT fun? But they are enlightening in terms of when one has delayed treatments till the beyond UH-OH! stages.
Most interesting to me was the relation of the nerve..brain..lymphatic system triggers. Which obviously are messed up by our neuropathies. Thus, the swelling [plus lack of proper exercising] and normal stimulation of the lymph circulation systems -it can’t work, cause it’s not getting the right ‘signals’. THAT is a whole other mystery that most docs don’t even comprehend.
Hope this is useful to you and others.. Stop scratching? Start slathering!