I too smoked pot back in the day! LOL!

August 17, 2008 at 4:54 pm

I too was a pot smoker back in the day but after getting married and having children, I stopped smoking it. Boy was I a pot head back then. High school days and early college years. For some reason though, I would alway’s get paranoid! I guess it might have been because I had parents around and they were alway’s watching.
I had a friend of mine up North that grew her own plants and smoked them for her Lupus and CNS Vasculitis. In the winter time though she always had to make a pot run into Chester and she got busted! She was so humiliated it was no joke. Had to go through drug classes and all!
My husband managed to get me some once to see if it would help with my Lupus. While he was gone, I took a few hits and got high as a kite and got all paranoid and nervous. But the only thing I noticed while I was being high. I actually cleaned up my entire house! 😀
I have a cousin that is on that drug Marinol! He has Mylositic Leukemia. The bad form of Leukemia. He has alot of debilating days and has an RX for this. But in my opinion depending on the disability and the disease itself and for some people that are really chronically ill, I think the drug is very useful! It just depends on the patient, their disease process and how bad that patient is in with thier illness. My cousin’s survival rate for this disease was only 5 years. He has actually held on for 12 years. But getting really bad off with it now doing more suffering than anything else. So whe he got that bad off, the doctors RX’d him the Marinol.
Poor cousin of mine has a $20,000 a month medicine bill! I hope I never see that kind of bill! But IVIG”s are what? $13000.00. Not cheap drugs are they!