I too have had one bad reaction.

April 17, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Out of five years’ worth of infusions! Once is enuf thank you. And thanks to all here and elsewhere from whom I’ve learned ‘all about it’.
It was right before a holiday weekend so getting in touch w/key people was not easy. I didn’t give up tho. I do believe it was ‘aseptic meningitis’ and that it was due to a bad batch administered in a hospital. Something about it taking 6 hours from the time of my pre-scheduled infusion time till I got the IVIG administered….and that it was a bit cloudy might have been hints? Not one professional acknowledged any ‘issues’. So I checked out the FDA [who regulates these things] and called the states’ hospital board about it as well. I do believe there was an investigation? [Tho I am nameless in it] and that a lot of retraining went on. I complained mainly because I had started to exhibit severe pain and distress before they cut me off from infusing. Then, let me go… That should never ever be done! Their policies and procedures have changed, but so have I, I’m now getting it done at home with a skilled IV nurse and I don’t have to worry about pre-med hangover when driving home afterwards.
Soo out of over 120 infusions over the years only ONE bad experience [2 days each month]! Learn as much as you can from others and all sorts of sources about infusion experiences. The more you know, the better prepared YOU can be. Then ultimately? The safer you will be. Remember, it’s pretty tame stuff compared to say, chemo or the like? But it deserves respect and an awareness of what all is going into you.
It’s scary at first? But really quite safe as a rule -just know what is supposed to happen and go from there. Hope this helps!