I too, had ‘visual’ disturbances…

March 7, 2011 at 8:21 pm

as my neuro-opthamologist called them. But, I had started with subantial vision changes BEFORE I had my CIDP onset and a lot of my vision went back to pre-onset normal until several months later! It was then thru the neuro-opth that I was tested extensively for cardiac and vascular issues all which showed no problems. I have many records to prove this.
After I had started IVIG I did have some vision disturbances [causing the appts with the neuro-opth.] more like eye fog clouds running across my lines of vision. It too dissipated and I truly feel it wasn’t due to the IVIG, but rather as there were different aspects of CIDP which can cause ‘autonomic’ issues…of which vision is one. Most particularly, the vascular blood flow to the eyes and surrounding areas.
That all said? I’d gotten a vague diagnosis of ‘non-aura’ migraines. Go figure?
It’s not often connected to CIDP? But, it seems to happen to more than one patient and that’s enuf for me!
Strangely, my neuro never indicated stopping infusions. Why? I don’t know. I’m just glad they weren’t stopped as I was getting better and stronger for several years after these problems.
Is it possible that for you? Your infusions were too fast? I for one would like for them to be ‘Over With’ ASAP. And, at the same time, not soo fast as to suffer any of the ‘fun’ side effects.
As long as they ‘go away’? Just try and be calming to yourself for their duration! When they don’t? Call your neuro ASAP!
And, BTW? Great that you’d found a neuro-opthamologist! I do think they are rarer than hen’s teeth!
Hoping nothing ‘new’ comes up anytime in the future!