I too feel ‘bugged’ by it

December 30, 2009 at 8:39 pm

But, it’s more like standing next to a bunch of overloaded high tension wires and getting the ‘buzz’ to my ears and my nerves.
I had the tinnitus long before getting the CIDP, Always was sensitive to loud noises and worked with noisy equipment for a while – that didn’t help.
It’s one thing that [I]mite[I][/I][/I] help with a diagnosis, but I’m thinking it’d be a way lower priority than other aspects you are suffering from. If you can’t sleep because of the noise? Maybe move it up on the priority list. Otherwise it’s bothersome and there isn’t a lot that can be done for it.
How you present ‘your case’ is more important! State your concerns [short and sweet], what’s been tested to date [ditto, S&S], and why you wish to have THIS doc’s opinions. My best line about other docs is:’We really didn’t seem to be able to communicate well’ and leave it at that. NO BAD mouthing-EVER! That guy could be this guy’s golfing buddy-You Know? The ‘communicating’ thing will say lots, especially if this new neuro had a lot of patients from the other neuro….
Back to ‘tinnitus’? Go and ask your GP about it? Can’t hurt to be seen by a hearing specialist, besides-IF you get a good neuro work up? MRI’s or Cat-scans will be norm and IF there should be something quirky to find, You will find out fast! This way you are covering all your other bases?
Good luck! Keep faith that THIS just mite be the doc for you? But, do be cynical until the ‘jury comes back’ and you get a diagnosis! AND That I hope and more will be the case!