I think they need to remove it from the market

May 14, 2009 at 11:54 am

Hi Sue! I admre you dear! I really do! I too get depressed alot having to deal with the BS too. I know it’s frustrating having to work but I don’t work anymore and just simple task around my home gets hard to do causing me to feel like a failure in life! Don’t let those bullies at work get you down. Most of them are not sick yet like we are and don’t understand what the word means. I say What Comes Around Goes Around! One day your co workers are going to see illness sometime in their lifetime and then they too will see what you went through and wished they had been lighter on you.
People in the work force that have no problems are very insensitive people and because they have never experienced what you are experiencing they just don’t understand the concept. When they get sick, then there eyes will open up and then they too will see the light that we have all these years.Disabled people get critized instead of praised. Anybody that sees a person with illness trying very hard should be commended. For doing what normal people do it takes us longer and our job is harder. You keep your head up high and praise yourself for what you can do! Because your body works 3 times harder than those others you work with. But you are trying and that is all that matters! Good luck with your doctor today! Hugs
Linda H