I think the Rituxan was worse!

June 23, 2009 at 8:23 am

Hi Tim! I think that Rituxan was worse! That really made me sick! This was not as bad as the Rituxan was. But it was not fun either! My first two days was the worst having it done. Being the first day as getting me really scared. Second day was a little less stressful on me for they had the right meds and doses to correct the problems. The other 3 days I didn’t do as bad!

I think I will do okay! Kind of bad though having a treatment that makes you feel bad a few days after having it. But then it feels good when you start feeling better!

Just wished they would have started this earlier instead of waiting like they did. My poor arms are all messed up. I tried to open up a jar of pickles yesterday and beat the poor jar to death and still couldn’t open it! My writing looks like chicken scratch. It really messed me up nerve damage wise. And it takes a long time for those nerves to heal back!

I actually think these doctors and insurance companies have a criteria to go by or something. Letting the patient get to a point of getting so sick then they do treatment! LOL!

A part of me has alot of anger towards that too! Instead of going ahead and doing treatment they just let those nerves die off one by one makin us get weaker and weaker to the point we are crawling then they do treatment!
Linda H
No telling how long I will be having no arm strength! Legs too!