i think sharing our coping skills will help us all

June 4, 2008 at 9:44 pm

I agree. I don’t have a ton of friends, because i have a huge, tight-knit family that i spend most of my time with. Family can’t really wierd out on us as easily as friends can. I have a lot of work-friends, but i only talk to 3 of them outside of work. We are all nurses, so we don’t get creeped out about health problems as much as people who are not familiar with the healthcare world. So, I’m llucky in that way.

I used to try to hide how bad i felt because i didn’t want to be negative. My family would say, “Look at me”, and i’d be busted immediately. They know just by my body language if i am lying, so i decided not to lie anymore, and just make light of the situation. Now im honest, but laugh at myself too.

The problem im having now, is that my family doesn’t ask how i feel as much, and they don’t ask as many questions, either. I feel like this is getting old to them and that they are sick of hearing about it. I know they care, but it bumms me out because i feel like i don’t have anyone to talk to anymore. I mean, I can always talk to them, but it seems like they’ve heard it all before and aren’t really interested. Maybe it is because i don’t look like im dying anymore that has caused them to lose interest? Or maybe i talk about this too much? That ‘s why im soooo happy i found this site! Thank you all!