I think it is regionally/ethnically/environmentally affects

August 30, 2008 at 6:00 pm

I probably live within 100 mile radius of the area that PamH lives.. I know that this Northeastern Minnesota has one of the highest per capita neuropathies..; Or at least thats kinda of what people think.. There seems to be an awful lot of MS cases up here..
I’ve got a little mathematical tidbit for you guys.. There are probably only 150000-200000 people within 100 square miles of where I and PamH.. Yet I know 2-3 people within 10-15 miles of my house that had gbs… Overall, (including myself), I know of 3 cidp, and 4 gbs cases, (within this 100 miles) and many people with MS, and other neuropathies.. Tell me how this reconciles with the 1 per 100000 statistics the neuros throw at us….
I tend to really agree with MarkEns, in that these neurologists are rediagnosing as cidp, when in fact it is ongoing gbs issues, perhaps like me…
In addition to this number, I heard of at least 2 cases of gbs at the hospitals this year in Northern Minnesota, but I didn’t hear who they were…..
Interesting Information,,,,,,deanop