I think I can help

January 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Lisa, I’m sure you have seen all the Lawyer commercials on TV promising to help you get SSI… well I’ve had friends try some of them and they charged too much and they were not much more help then doing it yourself. In fact I know one guy who actually got SSI faster by himself. Well I too was pasturized (as in put out to pasture after I got broke) However, my employer and AETNA hooked me up with a firm and it’s not costing me anything. If you would private email me I will give you the info you need to contact them yourself directly. In either case good luck and I know the position you’re in. I too was not ready to retire or be “pasturized”… but in all reality, I really am…well… broken – just hate to admit it. At least I have my wife and my life and as Martha says “It’s a good thing”, just another speed bump of life… a big one:)