I sort of agree with Dick about this in many ways

December 12, 2009 at 9:03 pm

So as to get the ‘family’ off your back? But antibiotics can and do cause as much havoc with us as help us! I was on my FOURTH course of anti-b’s before my pneumonia ended and VOILA? Two months later the neuropathy and other fun and games progressed. It ‘could’ be that the pneumonia set things off? After 14 weeks of pneumonia, in a way it’s not surprising?
Cipro for sure, is a cause of reported neuropathies – read the fine print on side effects in the ‘prescribing information’. Many other meds, statins for example don’t help this either.
For me? It ‘could’ be the multi-courses of anti-biotics? No way to prove it, as I was on three different kinds of anti-biotics during the pneumonia.
It could also be environmental? Maybe, my onset occurred after the second wettest rainfall year in our region -outdoor mold abounded! Short by 2 tenths of an inch for a rain record that year! I’ve even had an evironmental engineer do an assessment of my home [I don’t recommend it as it is VERY expensive and the quality of the engineer and testors are questionable] They found nothing worthwhile to report.
While we LIVE now in sort of controlled environments? We really do not. Unless tested for all the right things at the right times [and some of the specialised testing IS expensive as we know] it doesn’t count! I consider myself very lucky that I got the CIDP diagnosis? In that IT can be treated! Tho expensively? SOME relief for some can be found! That is much more important than alternatives really. I guess it’s up to us to learn how to make IG more available and less expensive then. That part has always been my gripe, as more and more immune issues are being discovered and relieved by IG and the blood donorship has gone down? But, demand and costs go up.
We all know about INSURANCE and how they could change their rules at any time…where will we be then? Scares me silly.
Sorry about this soapbox, but, it goes back to the ‘family’! Tell them to go and GIVE BLOOD! There are like 14-30 [I forget the numbers] blood ‘products’ that help US and others find relief and treatment. Get them to give, or go away! IF they want to help their family member, give blood! How hard would that be for them?
I hope this helps even a tiny bit, tho I’m not sure that it will. But hugs and hope always!