I see that too Dick S

May 18, 2009 at 3:43 pm

I saw that too Dick S! The name brands cost alot more money and that’s more money for the pharmaceuticil industry. Sometimes I think these doctors get free stuff if they write so many RX’s of a name brand drug! I never even heard of Lyrica or Cymbalta and then suddenly they tried switching my Gabapentin instead of raising my dosage. I tried them but didn’t get much relief and the cost was rediculious. Now after I said something to them, they finally raised my Gabapentin. I also agree about the doctors trying to keep their jobs and cover their butts with narcotic meds! We have Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger to thank for that although many others without a famous name have died from over abuse of medications. But it seems it gained National attention when Anna Nicole Smith died because she had all these potent narcotics that ended up killing her! Right after Anna Nicole Smith died and there was a big stink about the meds she was taking. My State passed a law that anybody on Narcotic meds sign a contract where only one doctor can RX a narcotic med to that patient and we can’t go but to one pharmacy to get them filled. Unless we are seen in the ER or a Dentist. Then we can have the meds filled. These doctors face law suits and don’t want the hassle because of one wrong person going drug seeking. Which only hurts those that are chronically ill and really need the meds just so they don’t live in pain and suffering. And if you notice many new meds they are coming out with are non narcotics.
Back in the 1800’s they had Opium for pain. Everybody took it and some got highly addicted. They eventually did away with that drug. And started new drugs. And we are in a new generation where they are reforming the drug market trying to make everything non narcotic.