I say that I’d not known that I was actually going for..

January 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

A ‘Lumbar Puncture’ until it was all done? The fluid was taken from me at the doc’s offices and THEN I went to a local hospital where I had blood labs taken to boot! I wasn’t aware of the possible s/e’s UNTIL I found out what truly had actually been done? Luckily common sense prevailed and I went home and reclined or bed napped for the better part of two days. I did feel tho at times? As if I’d fallen and hit my back on a stair or the like… Went away in a week tho. But was a slitely grumpy camper for the interim.
The clearer you can perceive what is being done to you? The better prepared YOU can be for being ‘done on’! Ultimately? Less stress and discomfort for all all around. Never be shy about asking the why’s what’s this gonna do for me and what problems can occur?!!!!!!! And , spinals aren’t overall fun Tho lots easier than some other tests for sure! And truly some immune issues in blood and spinal work don’t show up in the ‘desirable’ numbers rite away!
Knowing/learning as much about diagnosis is key to understanding what procedures-or hoops you mite have to stumble over in the diagnosis process!
My heart is with you in this process, it’s not ‘fun’? But, it IS necessary!
Hang in there all will be sorted out eventually! Just listen to those ‘inner voices’ and don’t ever give up!