I quit taking premeds, and I did better….

January 22, 2010 at 9:52 pm

J. Dennison.. Hi… I am a bit concerned about the issues you are having.. Something is not agreeing with you.. I did have some kidney/back pain a little.. and headaches a little……. Some of the other symptoms sound like you are having ongoing issues of cidp/allergic/ or other…. I hope you are discussing with neuro’s….

I actually quit taking pre meds and for me, I feel I had reduced side effects and got thru things better.. I drank a lot of liquids before/during/after.. I’m done now with ivig, and at the time I was on ivig and methylpred….

This may/may not work for others!

A fellow in the infusion center who had cidp told me that’s what he did (he is on this forum from time to time). So I tried it, and I liked it!