I need prayers.

February 2, 2008 at 12:56 pm

thank you so much for you support ….it REALLY means alot.

My mom had a surgery yesterday and the plan was to go in and take a piece of the lymph node near the sternum and then insert a chest tube to drain some of the fluid.
They went in just under her neck on the front of her chest. They did not do as planned. She is full of cancer in her sternum, the lymph nodes and the area in her lung isnt fluid…in the pluera space…it’s all tumor. She has many tumors on both lungs. We were told her prognosis is very poor. The plan is to keep her comfortable now and we’ve contacted Hospice. I dont know how long she’ll be in the hospital or really what the next step is. We dont know how long we’ve got with her…only know that its not long enough.
I am selfish to not want to let her go …tho, in my heart I know that the time is coming and when it does all of her pain and suffering will be over.

I also had my mammogram and have to have a biopsy. the lump or whatever it is …is very small but needs to be biopsied to rule out the bad c word. It showed to be fluid on the ultrasound but since there was a grey area within it, the radiologist said biopsy and possibley even remove it. I’ll talk with my dr on Monday to decide what’s next.
Right now, my mom is the most important. I am working today b/c my job entails deadlines that I have to meet and nobody else knows how to do what I do. Nice, huh.

I’ll keep you posted.

thank you in advance for your prayers.