I missed breakfast but what’s for lunch?

August 18, 2008 at 11:11 am

I missed breakfast and came back home. But what’s for lunch? I’m starving now!:D School shopping! I had to do that also but did that a few weeks back. I’m helping one of my sisters with her daughter’s children. My niece had 4 children ages 8 to 3 and she lost custody of them. She may even loose her parental rights. My younger sister has a child with autism and her hands are full! And my other sister has a job traveling alot and just could not take on all 4 children. So my husband and I have one boy Shawn and the girl Jaylynn. Both children are really good. At least so far they have been. On the weekends they go and stay with my sister and spend time with their other two siblings. With me being sick the way I have been, I put them in a church day camp and that helped alot during the day. Jaylynn though likes to play nurse and Shawn seems to enjoy my husband and music. Shawn! He’s only 6 years old and my niece is very messed up. We already know she’s going to lose parental rights. She picked up Shawn and threw him through a glass window inside her mobile home. He had to be rushed by ambulance and had several stitches. One piece of glass went into his abdomin requiring surgery. The poor child was scared of his mommy and claimed his brother did it! But a neighbor was watching my niece and had already reported her twice to the Social Services. She called the police and they came and arrested her at the hospital. She is now in custody and awaiting trial! She got diagnosed as being Bi Polar and they think she needs to be placed in a Mental Hospital for the Criminallly Ill. Everyone of the children have issues now because of what happened. But we are trying to get them on their feet and hopefully they will regain their childhood back.
I bought them both clothes and my husband took us shopping. They both had alot of fun shopping. But clothes are not cheap anymore! I spent close to $450.00 on clothes for them. My sister had a time trying to get her grandchildren back! We had no idea where they were at! We had to go into Social Services and demand them to give the children back to the family. They ended up doing a background check, talked to neighbors. Wanted to know our finances. You name it! Took 3 weeks for us to get them back. My husband and I are thinking about adopting Shawn and Jaylynn. But have to wait for the courts to release parental rights. Then we can adopt. My sister has already approved us adopting and is desperate to keep her grandchildren in our family. I had two empty bedrooms and took two in! They are very sweet children. Now I have to think about Christmas! 😀
Oh well, enough babbling here! I just need a ice cold drink non alcohol and wondering what we are having for lunch! Placing my order!:D