I’m so tired and exhausted! But good news

January 27, 2009 at 10:06 pm

Lord am I beat! It was all I could do today to get through the hospital hallways today. I had my walked with me and just did not have the strength to take the wheelchair out of the car. I only use the wheelchair when I have to walk long distances. And so far this past week I was doing good with the walking. But not today! I thought I was going to have a heart attack trying to get down those halls. Huffing and puffing as if I had run a mile! Her levels have dropped some more and the Nephrologist came in around 5 this afternoon and said her kidneys were now awake and the levels are going down for sure! WHEW! Today she did not get sick! Yipeee! All week caring for my mom the best I could I have seen her barf on me a couple of times and everything else! But I am so happy that this afternoon we finally got some good news. I left this morning and got there at 8:30 and just got in the door an 2 hours ago. Placed my pj’s on and good night I am going! Tomorrow she is being transported by ambulance to the Nursing Home Rehab. I have to go there and get her admitted with them and go through consultation. So I have another day of long going.
My eyes are baggy, my walking stinks right now and I have developed a nasty case of bronchitis from being out in this nasty weather we had last week. The snow I wanted so badly happened on my mom’s surgery date. And I was out in that cold stuff scrapping windshieds at 4 in the morning. Called my doctor today and on the way home I crawled to the pharmacy desk at Walmart and picked up the antibiotic he called in for me. It has been a week of pure living h!
But I am so glad that my mom is finally turning around. We actually thought she was not going to pull through this over the weekend. She went 6 days straight of doing nothing but barfing non stop and the phenergan did nothing. High fevers, confusion, delirious, could not move her legs or arms, no eating and when she tried she would get sick. And you did not mention food either! That would make her sick. Crackling lungs and fluid build up on top of needing blood and then pain from the knee replacement.
Today was the miracle I wanted to hear! Her kidneys are waking up! She has dropped another 5/10’s of a point. Her blood pressure was finally stable. Sugar was back to normal!
Tomorrow she will go to Rehab and they plan on 21 days but they said she might be longer. We are hoping they can build her strength up and get her back to walking again. They got her out of bed today but she was still limp as a dish rag! She’s still very weak! Only thing that worries me is maybe something happened during the surgery and is messed up her nervous system. But they are saying the Creatinine Levels and blood loss could be the cause along with being sick. Technically a combination of everything that happened and they feel she will get stronger and walk again but did say her recovery would be much much slower than the average patient. Tonight she is able to finally stay alone in her room without a family member! I will be with her tomorrow and if she does okay! I am staying home the next day and resting. I’m pooped!
Now all I have to pray for is to see her walking again! I don’t even care if it’s 5 baby steps. That is something that will make me happy seeing!
Thank-you so much family! Your prayers really helped and my mom now has her kidney’s waking up. Me on the other hand! I am so doofy right now I can’t even think straight. So I am going to hit that pillow and hope I pass out and get a full nights sleep! God bless each and everyone of you for the prayers and support.
You know what family! After seeing what my mom went through with knee replacement surgery! Well! If my knees kick out! They won’t get me in surgery! I already use a wheelchair half the time anyway because of the nerve damage. If my knee dies! Then I’m just going to let the knee die! LOL! I know my mom had problems but even watching the normal patient that did not have problems trying to walk down the halls and moaning the way they were. Forget that!!! I don’t think sooo! Well I best hit my pillow! I’m afraid I might fall sleep at my computer like I did the other night to wake up an hour later and see I was in the middle of typing and that was not good! So to bed I go! Hugs
Linda H