I’m older so I can’t appreciate your stress?

June 6, 2010 at 7:04 pm

But GBS & CIDP get kids, teens adults of all sorts. It’s very indiscrimate about who is chosen?

The pipe dream about sitting on chairs and enjoying summer? IS JUST THAT! CIDP pain is constant and unrelenting. So IF we can pretend to have some moments less awful? Go for it! Some may actually achieve the ‘pipe dream’ and well great for them! To wallow in the misery only brings you down further. Yes you have kids, and they must be the joy of your life. Is there any support structures for you and the kids? You don’t mention spouse, won’t ask why, but friends, family? No help?
There are many here who have had no help and have found some in various ways? Do outline more about yourself and I’m sure folks will give you sound, well learned and earned advice. There are some very good people here.
You’ve had it for soo long without help! How strong of spirit you must be! Keep being that way! Please, Don’t ever give up!