I’m of many mind about this thread? Because I’ve been thru them ALL

September 27, 2010 at 6:20 pm

FOM? You are right in many ways, in that some docs give out ‘the maybe’s’ too often? Docs say, ‘trust me’! at times when they’ve no clue what to do? Others say ‘trust me’ to keep you off the anxiety meds [DUH?] And on and on.
I tend to try and be realistic. Interms of what the medical profession as it is today can do for me, if anything!
I adapt, I compensate, and try to be sensible about it all. What is right for me? Mite not work at all for you!
I don’t know about you? But I try not to be negative? I truly hope it’s not me that is the ‘bummer’! It is true tho, that we each fight our battles as best we can when we can, and with the INFORMATION we can get. Then…? at times, we’ve got to convince docs that maybe ‘this’ rather than ‘that’, mite be the way to go? What’s the saying: Nowhere to go but up for me!
Every time I get to a point, where….I’m actually doing OK? Well, the fates intervene!
On the postives? We are breathing and eating, etc. on OUR OWN. We mostly can walk and/or get about somehow safely. We still have some family and friends! Treasure all these things! Treasure good folks here and HOPE!!!! Hope is the key to trying. And, you’ll never know unless you try!