I’m not familiar w/this Doc? But….

December 5, 2009 at 8:46 pm

Does your insurance allow you to get ‘opinions’ out of state? I’d check w/insurance company first and find out what they do and don’t allow….or you could be stuck w/a whopper of a bill that could take months plus to sort out!
Even when you have ‘orders’ and they go out of state? Problems can and do occur and they are hassles squared. Getting those ‘ducks’ in line w/a local doc’s orders or insurance approval? Can make your life a whole lot smoother.
I’ve had four occasions when the docs sent labs/special tests to out of area places. And, each and every one has been, well, a mess! I estimate that it usually takes about 14 phone calls [mostly on hold] and about 4-6 months for it all to be ‘cleared up’. Stick to your guns and be ‘patient and nice’! Honey goes a lot further than vinegar? But, it sure feels soo good to stop beating your head against walls!
Once you get an OK either from the doc [who you mite not want to know?] or, more importantly the insurance co? GO FOR IT! Hope always.