I’m in the broken bone club too

April 6, 2009 at 9:14 pm

Hey Julie,

I broke my hand and thumb from a fall last week and needed to be talked into going to the ER for an x=ray…I was prett sure things were broken, but it hardly hurt.

I broke three bones in the same hand 7 yrs ago and it hurt for horrible for weeks.

The only problem I had this time from planting myself into the earth was a really bad seizure aura. I decided to treat that with meds so I wouldn’t end up spending a couple days in the hospital being observed if I blacked out seizing.

After I woke up from a seizure med nap, I let a friend talk me into an x-ray.

Two days after the fall, my whole body had a beaten fatigue feeling, that my chiro helped with, but otherwise my hand stays fine, yet weak in a splint.

I vaccummed, washed floors and made dinner, and then had a cidp weak spell where I couldn’t sit up.

I guess we both need to be more careful and heal well!