I’m baaaaaaack!

October 8, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Hi all,

Thank you for your concerns. Here’s the story.

Friday morning, I couldn’t roll over in bed. Lost my arm strength, almost all my legs, hands. It took my about twenty minutes to get up, mostly pushing with my head and neck. I call the doc, spoke with the covering one and was told to go to the ER at Beth Israel. I was admitted, evaluated, and I TOLD them I wanted IVIG……………….so they gave it, but still want me on the prednisone. I don’t tolerate it well, because of the sleep issue. NO sleep equals feeling weak. They gave me Klonipin last night, as my roomate at the hospital moaned and groaned all night. I feel like a zombie today…………..but I am up to about 80% normal. I am going to copy and paste all your replies about the prednisone and send it to my doc. I am confident she knows her stuff, even though she doesn’t have the best “listening to the patient” manner. I realize that we have to find a treatment plan that works for me, and it’s good to know that IVIG does. I just never want to relapse and regress to a point that I am not mobile.

Thanks for sharing your treatments!