I’m also cured!!!!

October 22, 2011 at 10:21 am

I received my sct this past summer (got my stemmies back on 8/23/11). I can feel the difference in my body – it’s hard to explain, but my body is no longer under attack!!!!! And that is “cured” to me. The pain when I walked was so bad, I ended up in wheelchair if I had to shop or walk more than a very short distance. Now I can walk without pain! And I’m back at work full time. So much of my former life is already restored, it is amazing to me!

I still have the neuropathy, but was told it would take a year for noticable improvement as the myelin sheaths and then the nerves repair (and can continue healing for several years). No problem!!!! At least I’m going in the right direction – the direction of healing – because I am cured of the CIDP (primary) and the Sjogren’s (secondary).

Woo Hoo!!!!