I’m agreeing w/GH CIDP? In that exercise is useful?

July 6, 2011 at 9:59 pm

BUT it must be done with caution. First off, once you have this stuff, you cannot go GUNG HO and think that exercising will get you back to normal. You’ll have to go slower and steadier with CIDP and be a tortoise, not a rabbit. IF you do too much at one time? You’ll set yourself back three steps for each one gained.
If you can find a really good [non-gung-ho] physical therapist? One who has the patience to teach you some home program exercises that can be done safely and do those in not all in one hour? But say, ten minutes every other hour? I bet you’d make progress better, safer and faster. Your body has attacked part of itself and it’s functioning. Be cautious and careful when working to get back in shape. Should you get PT orders from your docs? Be sure that they note on the prescription/orders that aid for a home program should/must be included. A lot of exercises that strengthen can be done easily sitting in a chair watching TV, and the others are easily done where you’ve got a safe place to hold on for stability to do the rest.
My greatest fear about agressive therapists? Is that they wear me out to the point I’m not functioning safely to drive home alone.
The Mayo Clinic has some physical therapy features on their site as do others. Most basic ‘equipment’ can easily be bought for less than $50. and max out at $100. Therabands, hand weights, balance discs, bosu balls can easily be found at the “Marts” and on other sites such as Netfitco. I only buy on sale. So keep your eyes open for those. I hope this helps? Just remember GO SLOW? It’s safer and gets you more achievments in the long run.
PS I’ve had my CIDP for over 8 years now, and a relapse or whatever set me back badly about 2 years ago. I almost feel about ready to go and do! Now.