I know that most home infusion services ….

May 21, 2011 at 9:29 pm

won’t speed up infusions to over 275-280! Just because of that possible reaction. I can attest that IF it’s under the 275-280 rate? Everythings’ fine.
My own aseptic meningitis was due to both a bad batch [in a hospital setting] AND an upping of the rate to over 290.
The headache was soo bad? Driving alone home was a true adventure! The rest of that week was sheer head pain.
Kelly I agree too, that at times? Better the devils you know that those you don’t want! These are choices we all have to make each month and it’s all to get well and get by!
Good luck and heart to all who go thru this all. If someone had asked us a decade ago? IF this could happen? Our reactions would have been incredulous. And, at times, we still are. At the enorminity of what all we face every day to do, is that simple ‘Just getting by!’ So simple, yet complicated!
Heart and good things to all!