I know that Katz is respected in many research and treatment areas…

December 6, 2010 at 8:07 pm

BUT I also know that he is an independent contractor/consultant who has worked for various Disability companies. I personally, can waffle on his medical opinions, as he’s on the other side of the ‘continent’ ?
I worry tho, as he has been a proponent for IVIG and other therapies for CIDP and other neuropathies…that he’s straddling the SanAndreas fault in some ways. To me? that’s walking a fine line between legitimate and ‘consignment’?
Besides, we’ve got enuf docs on the East Coast who waffle of our own!
Thing that now concerns me? IS that he lists himself as a ‘researcher’ with a hospital teaching facility, yet has gone on his own as a consultant…AND is not listed on that hospital’s staff or consulting staff. Personally? These days, I don’t consider any doc a ‘saint’ or otherwise! I’d just like them to be a ‘bit’ curious about ME? And, my neuropathies!
What I won’t tolerate tho? IS docs who say: ‘It’s just nerves’ or ‘You can’t be that BAD, you have to be in a wheelchair to get that treatment’! Yes! It’s nerves? Sick nerves, not a ‘nervous mental condition’, nor the fact that I’d BE in a wheelchair had I not gotten treatment!’
Such statements to a patient, so bluntly put? Are unconscionable. And, should not be tolerated. More discussion between doctor and patient can and usually does clear things up? Or, you just hate the doc and shop for another one! I say…no blame? No connect.
Yes, some docs get big bucks for some meds! It’s down right spooky to actually hear a pharm rep talk to a neuro about Med A and not know a patient is ‘listening’? Happened to me, by accident at one office, and I sure wanted to put MY THE PATIENT’s 2cents worth in? But restrained myself.. These folks don’t care about US in this sort of transaction! We are just $$$ at the bottom of the food chain.
Alice? That you are OFF and good with the ‘being’ off? IS the best part for all you’ve been thru! Only a teeny bit of me is jealous, the rest of me is FULL of HOPE! Thank you for that! And, HUGS in HEAPS!