I know somebody that had the vaccine!

July 27, 2008 at 9:43 am

I really don’t think that vaccine is safe and really think it needs further study. A friend of mine’s daughter had the vaccine and landed in the hospital for 3 weeks ICU. They still did not want to say it had anything to do with the vaccine. She developed grand mal seizures 15 minutes after she had the vaccine.
She is at home now, but now has to take seizure medication and never had any seizures before until she had that vaccine.
In fact I don’t trust vaccines anymore at all. I was getting sick way before I had a Hepatitis Vaccine, but not really bad. As soon as I had that vaccine in the 90’s, I started getting bad nerve damage and an attack on my nervous system.
Leading me to believe I may have some mild traits of Gullian Bare Syndrome with CIDP. I am not sure but everytime, I have surgery or needles, I get sick!
I would never put my daughters on this vaccine. I think it’s too early to tell what it may cause. Just like silicone breast implants they had years ago saying they were safe and then look what happened there?
Very good subject here that I could go on an on about! Thanks for bringing this up!