I Know How You Feel

November 24, 2006 at 3:20 pm

Kelly: I first contracted GBS a little over a year ago (August 2005), when I was 52 years old. Was completely paralyzed and spent 2 weeks in hospital then 6 months in a Health Care Center (Rehab). I too, didn’t know if I would ever be the same person I was before. I am walking, driving, and back to work full time. I have constant tingling and pain in my feet, legs, hands and arms. I know that this is because the nerves are coming “back to life”. When I think back to when I couldn’t move and thought I may never walk again, it was very scary, as you well know. I am thankful that I have come as far as I have, but I get so tired of always hurting, and therefore sometimes being cranky (downright crabby) to those who love me and are only trying to help. I sometimes resent their “helping” because it makes me feel like an invalid, so I try and do whatever I can even though it takes me about twice as long as it used to. But boy do I feel proud when I accomplish it. No Kely, I am not the same woman I was before GBS, but I have learned patience, also to ask for help when I need it (people love to help if you don’t start feeling sorry for yourself), and this GBS reconfirmed the loving brother I have and the wonderful friends who were there for me when I was at my lowest. So no, we are not the same people, but I hope this condition has made us more empathetic and caring towards those who are not as fortunate as we are, and be thankful that our loved ones haven’t had to go through this “learning experience”. I wish you all the best, Kelly, and all the kind people who are on this site. May God Bless You. Marsha.