I know how that rape feels!

October 13, 2008 at 6:03 pm

Even though it never happened to me. I had a 63 year old Aunt, that was raped, robbed and beaten to death in her own home. My 82 year old grandmother was living there also. A gang broke into my grandmother’s house and left both for dead. They even raped my grandmother! She came too hours later and told what happened but was in shock at first. My parents took my grandmother in to live with them but had alot of problems with her. They woke up one night and found her standing at the edge of their bed holding a large kitchen knife! They had to place her in a nursing home. Her mind went! Totally went! Even elderly get raped!
Jamie! Seeing my 63 year old Aunt the way they left her! Killed me! Just about killed me! You would never think that people could be so mean and do such horrible things. But there’s alot of meaness out there!
My grandmother could never talk about the rape. But when they examined her at the hospital the doctors confirmed it. My Aunt’s murder is still unsolved today! The only witness they had was my grandmother and she was not able to talk about it much at all!
It takes a good nurse to handle that! What would tear me up though would to see a child raped. Young child. Wonder how many we have of those around?
Keep us posted Jamie! I hope you got the call today!