I just finished my 2ond year.

June 26, 2007 at 4:58 pm

I wish I could say I’m all better, and its all behind me now. But thats not the case. In Feb. I started taking antidepressants, that seems to help a ” little.” I have my own business and go in for a half a day 7:30 till noon or so. But then come home and sleep on the couch for a couple hours. Then for the next hour I’m to groggy to to do much. About 3 weeks ago I was out working around the house on a saturday and I put alot into it. Rested and did some more in the late afternoon. That was the most physical I been in awhile, but the next day I really felt it, (couch potato all day).
I haven’t been on the site much either it starts getting to me. We all have our cross to bear (I just wish it would lighten up a bit) 🙂 I go to work and people ask me how I’m doing, an I put on the happy face and say “Great, almost there.” And then get off that subject and on to business.
Stay tuned movie at 11:00. “Great Almost There”
I’ll give you another update in about a year.

Good Luck to everyone…