i haven’t smiled this much in a long time!

June 8, 2008 at 10:06 pm

i know i say this all the time, but you guys are great!

I don’t have my picture for you, so i thought id do that tonight. went looking for one to post, and that is when i realized that im the picture-taker of the family. So, all the pics are of everyone but me!

I love taking photos! Hubby loads them into the computer, and then i edit them. Love it!!!

We have some cool pics from the beach, zoos and the butterfly house on mackinaw island. Close-ups with awesome colors.

Took a nice pic of my son on the beach, then edited, cropped and changed to black and white. Gorgous!!! He looks like a cherub with his big, blue eyes, and cashmere-soft blonde curls! And the property on the lake has been in my husband’s family for something like 120 years, so there is sentimental value in the pic, too. Photography is sooo relaxing! Sounds like you all agree!

Yeah, about the hammock…i look rediculous enough upside-down in the hot-pink lounge chair, let alone wrapped up like a cacoon in the trap they call a hammock:eek: Really, though, i think i’ll get one when i go back to work. They just look sooo cumfy:p