I have trouble with shoes too

October 7, 2008 at 6:44 pm

I too have trouble with shoes. I trashed all my high heel shoes years back. I can’t even walk in them and would break my neck doing so! Bedroom slippers in the house too are a problem! My sister bought me some of those house slippers that have a pillowed bottom. Put those suckers on and could not even get my balance in them and saw me breaking my neck. I wear plain slipper socks in my house or flip flops for they seems to be the only ones I can wear in my house and keep my balance. I never had this problem before but my heels get dried and crackly looking and wearing sneakers really give me problems all winter. Last year I bought several kinds of sneakers and nothing worked. Even tried those cushions in the shoe and that did nothing. Two hours with shoes on and I am coming out of them. I’m beginning to wonder if this winter I have to wear socks and open heel shoes! I have very sensitive feet! Ohh in the winter too underneath the covers, my feet are coming out to breathe! Can’t stand anything on my feet!