I have tried Glyco

October 29, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Jason I am sorry but I do not believe that the Glyco is what has helped you. Reason is I had my first CIDP episode 7 years ago although they did not diagnose me then so I never had any tyoe of IVIG or PP. I eventually went into remission and was able to walk 14 months later. A year ago Sept. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and some family member said I should try the Glyco. I was skeptical and I could not afford it so they bought it for me. I was on Glyco when my current relapse happened. I had surgery on March 20th 2007 and two weeks later I was in a wheelchair which I am currently still in. Since my last episode I figured was taken care of by physical therapy I decided to just try that. Yes I know there will be alot of people on here that will tell me I should try these ther treatments and I have thought about it and will decide sometime soon after more research on my own. I am new to this forum and had to wait until approved to reply which I finally could today. If this Glyco worked so well minimum I would expect is my relapse to be less severe than the first but it is not. I have no feeling in my left leg and my right is very weak with the tingling burning pain as is my left arm the tinglng burning pain from my fingertips and some weakness. I take Lyrica, xanax for sleep some nights, lorecet as needed, and I have fentynal patches 75mcg every 72 hours. I do hydro therapy 4-6 times a week because my doc ordered a hot tub with hydro jets for my therapy and yes the days I use it I do not have as much pain and it helps with my range of motion so that I do not atrophy. I believe that this Glyco is just a scam to get people to spend their money, I am sorry Jason but that is what I believe because I have used it and it does nothing. Phychologically maybe if you want to believe it works your brain tells you that you feel better but I beleive that these other posters are right that your IVIG is actually helping you stay in a type of remission. You wanted to hear from someone that has used it so that is why I replied.