I have to agree w/what others had said?

March 21, 2011 at 12:48 pm

First off, sounds too good to be true? If so, why haven’t we heard about it before? I did look at their web site[s] and they throw out valid ‘big’ words, but little else? “research papers” seem to be in the very lesser known journals. AND, when looking up physicians ‘in’ their program? Don’t find any?
Secondly, seems to be no real NIH research to back it up. I looked it up last nite and found nothing.
Am I correct in that you suspect that you are having some digestive autoimmune issues? IF so? Join the club.
Eating sensibly and proper dosings of supplements to offset or counteract such issues can help to a degree. Just be very careful as to what you do or not.
Think of it this way? It mite be cutting edge in 15-20 years, but then IVIG was only approved as a ‘therapy’ for CIDP in the last few years….tho used as one for the previous 25-30 years. Do keep in mind that the stem-cell therapies being done in Chicago are also cutting edge? But they are being done NOW! With good results. Think about your own issues and whether you want to be ‘cured’ now or wait.
My heart is with you and I hope you find some pain relief!