I have to admit that I can ‘live’ with my pain most times?

March 13, 2010 at 6:57 pm

I have to, don’t like it but it’s necessary. But those stressors and exhaustion can and do take their toll.
I have also found that most pain meds don’t really WORK for me in taking away all the pain. Only about 10-15% of it. This past summer I was hospitalized for a majory injury and was on a healthy dose of morpheine [not something one ‘wants’ to get? but you know it’s gotta be bad to be given it.]. Only took about 15% of the overall pain away unless jolted-then I’d speak up? But The opiate effects well, I simply didn’t care. Scary concept.
That said each of us defines our pain[s] differently, there are no standardized definitions for pain, nor descriptions for it. At the worst? It is excruciating and mind-blanking, at best, a nasty pest. I sure wish I had a nasty pest? Then going further the meds for pain effect each and every one of us differently. What I do if prescribed a new pain med is to ask for samples and see how well or not they work for a few days before filling my 30-90 day prescriptions. I ‘tried’ one, once and was a zombie for four days afterwards. Gave up that one and called the doc immediately as well about the s/e’s. Then tried something else which worked well for 2+ years. BTW? Start a new med on a Sunday or Monday? That way if you get those BAD s/e’s? You can actually maybe reach your doctor’s office for advice! Hope this helps.