I have something for you to do…

April 3, 2009 at 11:56 am

Hi Stacey,
This is coming from someone with a poor prognosis, and have been dealing with death issues the past two weeks, as I am being forced to complete my Advance Directive, (Living Will), to submit to the hospital, as my doctors think I will be running into some bad situations in the near future.
But, I am dealing with it, and have been working with some people over at the ALS Forum, that I know I can extend my life, and still have a decent quality of life living with a trach/vent.
But here is something you can do…I have done it, and it allowed me to vent some frustrations…
Go out to the airport. Park your car on a road near the end of the runway, where the jets take off, (I don’t know if there is one at your Omaha Airport, but try to get as close as you can).
When a jet takes off, SCREAM the loudest you can. And SCREAM AGAIN when another takes off. Cry your “eyes out”. SCREAM AGAIN at another take off. Your screaming and crying will soon turn into laughter. Even take your son or hubby with you. They will also enjoy this act, and all will end in laughter. It feels good to get it out.
I was told this by an old friend who is a psychologist, and I must say it did feel good.
Keep up a “stiff upper lip”, Stacey. Things could be a lot worse–I hope you never end up in my boat–the boat is full. And YES, DO use your cane. Get a fancy one to show it off. Ignore the ignorant b..tards who would dare to make fun of someone with a cane. You will know who your true friends are.
Take care,