I have read about such instances in OLD papers tho?

May 11, 2010 at 9:47 pm

And this one resource I found thru others:
urlhttp://telemedicine.org/stamford.htmurl Scroll to diabetes in skin disease? Then read the intro and forwards… they talk about how the neuro system affects the lymphatic system? That is what helps us regulate our blood to be either uprite or down and not get that vertigo thing… I’ve gotten it at times, more so now? And w/muscle weakness and balance deficits already? It’s a very careful thing to deal with ‘life-wise’! I’ve been getting the vertigo stuff after 7 years of this stuff, and, I’m not happy about it? BUT I am SUPER CAREFUL!
For long-term safety tho? Treat yourself as IF you were a diabetic? There are many side effects of being short-changed in the lymphatic system [which MY CIDP affects!], that can and do require special attention and care. As long as you are too hot, cold, puffy or not? It could be that lymph system? That intro and forward does describe HOW neuropathies, and our types especially damage the sensory nerves that should tell the lymph system WHAT to DO! It can’t so, it doesn’t and well, here we are, tilting, too hot, too cold, turning red or blue for no reason at all? Well, it’s systemic? And not a lot we can do about it other than cope, be careful and try to understand. Knowing what all is going on helps to understand what and when to do good things or not. Caution is a key word, The CANE? Never leave anywhere w/o it! Hope and good things soon!