I have never been tested for that!

October 20, 2008 at 4:47 am

I have never been tested for Pylori but I do recall having black tarry stools in my system, several years back and got sick feeling. Like I picked up a virus and the doctor I saw for it never really did anything. Just called it IBS. Makes me wonder about that IBS. For I still keep that upset stomach and have told my husband that I am positive there is bacteria lurking in my body. And it is quite possible. Maybe a bacteria resistant strain causing antiboitics to not work. Possible! For I have seen antibiotics alot since I had those problems back then.
This might be something to ask your doctor about! They might be able to explain why they are not giving antibiotics. Could be that the virus itself is now over with but did damage and there is not much more that can done. But then again anything could be wrong! CIDP can have many causes! But you are right. All that we have told our medical professionals there should be a reason for it somewhere.
But then I sit back and think and also wonder how many of us never get reported. Just diagnosed and treated. Not contacting anybody or letting the Science part know our symptoms and reasons. I bet we have more with CIDP or GBS that have not even gotten reported. Making the number of us in science lower!