I have CIDP too

September 3, 2008 at 5:33 am

I have CIDP also. It’s not easy dealing with but my husband has to work and help pay the bills.
I buy things from the grocery for my bad days that are easy for me to eat. We have a small college fridge in my bedroom and my husband when he see’s me get bad get’s out the sandwich meats and drinks and places them in the fridge. That way he can go to work and I am being taken care of. On day’s like this he calls alot to check on me and tells me to stay in bed.
Also on day’s like this he makes sure I get my shower before he goes to work. So then he knows, I have gotten dressed and refreshed for the day. On day’s where my walking is really bad. He gets out the walker and toilet chair. Tells me to not go any further.
You may have to develop a system that will work out for both of you. And if he is really bad off, then you may have to hire private duty nursing. Which I have had to do several times this year. We only get them a few hours a week when it gets that bad.
I even pay them once a week even if I don’t need them. That way I have hours in advance. I pay $17.00 a week and have several hours now accumulated!
Hope he get’s well soon! I wish you my best!