I have a prayer request

August 20, 2008 at 2:23 am

I normally don’t like to ask prayers for myself but I am getting rather worried about the outcome with my CIDP of unknown etology. I called Duke MDA/ ALS Clinic and asked them how long it would take for me to get reviewed by the doctors and when my appointment would be? My records are there but the doctor was out last week. So it’s going on 3 months now of being sick. Not seeing myself getting better. Please say a prayer for me! Duke told me that they have hundreds of referrals and records to go through. And from all over the world. Depending on each case and each doctor. Some can take two weeks while others can take 6 months. Let’s just say I’m on a waiting list and had to visit the ER tonight. I’m scared! Very scared! Please pray that I get treatment soon. Please! Normally I think of others before myself and pray for them and never pray for myself. But today I am praying!