I have a few Lupus Friends that have been on this drug

April 22, 2009 at 8:14 am

Hi! Pleasure to meet you! I have not taken Cellcept myself but have a few friends with Lupus that have taken it. Some have done well with it while others could not tolerate the side effects. I have one friend that tried taking it and she experienced the same effects. It took a few months of her being sick then the side effects started easing some.
Not sure what dosage your family member is on. They usually start out strong with Cellcept at first then wean the dosage down some. That is with most Lupus cases. But it depends on the dosage they are on and how bad off that person is.
I still would talk to the doctor about the side effects and see if there is something else or maybe lowering the dosage making it tolerable. By what I have heard it’s supposed to be a good frug that is newer on the market like Rituxan. But I couldn’t take the Rituxan. Made me sick as a dog. Best thing would be to talk to the doctor and see what other options they have. Good luck! i hope things get better!
Linda H