I had meningitis

November 3, 2006 at 1:50 pm

I was one of the people that got the viral meningitis from IVIG. The first time I had the Ig in the drs office and so they didn’t get the spinal tap quick enough to say for sure it was meningitis. So the next round of IG they did i nthe hospital so they could do the spinal tap. The good news was, my spinal protein was in the normal range so my treatments are helping the CIDP. The bad news was the white blood cell count was up and so the dr said I had gotten meningitis again. So IG is not an option for me anymore. At any rate, since I had the meningitis, my brain is just not functioning at all. I am constantly confused and can;t do my job anymore. I am getting ready to have to apply for disability between the physical issues of CIDP and the mental issues. Doc says he doesnt think the mental is a leftover problem with the meningitis but I cant help but suspect it is. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?