I had a violent rxn to aza

July 31, 2009 at 7:54 pm

[QUOTE=GaryO Houston]I’ve been taking Azathioprine (50mg 3 times per day) for several weeks now. … Have any of you on Azathioprine had something similar happen? …



sorry for the late response, but I just signed up here. I had a VIOLENT reaction to azathioprine this spring, just horrible (so bad I thought it might have been the flu). I thought I was having a frightening CIDP relapse caused by the flu and actually called the paramedics to check on me, as all of a sudden I could not walk. I had a terrible splitting headache, chills, and great weakness. All these symptoms stopped after I stopped taking the drug. I did take the drug 2 weeks on a low dose w/o any bad side effects, but the day I started on a therapeutic dose (100 mg day, I think) the reaction started. I had been tested (blood work) beforehand to make sure it was safe, but the test was either not done right or didn`t predict this outcome.

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