I had a friend of mine

August 18, 2008 at 11:25 pm

A friend of mine went to the Cleveland Clinic. She was pretty bad off with Lupus and had COPD that was not good at all. They actually helped her quite a bit. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend Joan! Sure hope your husband starts getting better. Maybe the company and him staying up is being to much for his body. He’s trying to be himself but overpushing his body causing the leg shaking and possibly relasping.
I have noticed in my case any little bit of stress even enjoyable stress of having company, the next few day’s I get shakes and tremors in my legs. Sometimes arms!
Thank-you Cathy for the compliment! I try to help as many in here with questions as I can. Me having Lupus for several years that stays out of control and CNS Lupus at that you learn alot. You research alot and the longer you have it, the easier it gets to explain. ๐Ÿ˜€
When I first got sick! I barely went to see doctor’s unless I had an infection that needed antibiotics. Boy was I stupid back then! I never heard of Lupus before. Would go see doctor and tell them, I felt bad! I never realized there were symptoms in a disease because I never had any disease as what I thought! Next visit to doctor! I have headaches and upset stomachs and my feet keep falling asleep. LOL!
Now when I go to see the doctor! I have headaches that always start on left side, causes jaw pain and eye ball pain. I describe the amount of pain. I take 800mg Ibuprophen, then run to get 10mgs of prednisone, then I grab a neurontin and then have to take tylenol with codiene and the pain finally eases away. Now that’s a nasty headache! I describe my numbness and tingling now in a different way too. Even fatigue I explain my limitations. How can a doctor help me if he only knows headache, upset stomach and legs falling asleep. I write down my every day experiences and now just hand them the paper to read! ๐Ÿ˜€ With me, it’s better to hand them the paper. They can read much faster without hearing my mouth going 50 miles an hour getting them all confused.